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I believe we are neurobiological wired to have intimate and close connections. When we are hurting, abusing substance, self-destructing in different ways it may be based in feeling disconnected from the most important people in our lives. There are certain mental health conditions that work against maximizing the value and investment in meaningful relationships. I work with individuals that are suffering. I also help families strategize and plan towards reaching and reengaging their loved one back into their own lives and family life. Feelings of despair, helplessness and hopelessness lead to change. There is hope and help.I firmly believe we act and react based on feelings. Intellect is secondary. Sometimes we need help identifying where it stems from. We are who we are today because of what we have experienced. Some live believing they are what happened to them. We are not what happened to us.I’ve been a guest speaker on various radio and television news shows such as CNN Espa√±ol, CBS, Zona Politica with Helen Aguirre-Ferre and Ahora con Oscar Haza to speak about substance abuse/dependence issues. I am a Daring Way Certified Facilitator.

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