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Being a female in todays day world seems like a daunting task. Whether your a girl (ages 13-17) or young woman (ages 18-25) it seems like there are a lot of expectations and pressures that you face. My approach to counseling is a whole-istic one where I believe that our mind, body and soul need to be taken care of. If one area is struggling I believe they are all affected. I use the 9 essentials of a life well lived in my practice (nutrition, sleep, time in nature, serving others, exercise, faith, fun, relaxation, social).My passion is to help foster healthy habits & coping skills to allow every girl and young woman to thrive, in every season of their life. I believe that we can move beyond a just surviving mentality and live in a thriving mentality.So if your a parent looking for someone to help your daughter or a college student looking for help yourself, I would love to hear from you.

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