Anderson Nissan of Asheville, NC

Anderson Nissan of Asheville, NC

Anderson Nissan of Asheville, NC Dishonest, Thieves Asheville, North Carolina!!. I am 71 Years Old and this is the first time I have ever posted a public grievance. I am so angry with the clowns at Anderson Nissan that I feel compelled to register this complaint in hopes that it may prevent an honest individual from making the mistake of trusting these people. It was our anniversary and I wanted to see my loving wife in a car she really liked. We found the vehicle that she was excited about and we started to deal. I explained to the salesman that I wanted the “out the door price” as this is how I always bought my cars.I made clear I did not care where they put the numbers just as long as I know what the final price would be. After some haggling we agreed to a price and interest rate. He gave us a line about how they do a special treatment to the car and that they guarantee the finish from treesap etc. He then gave us a dinky plastic case with some cleaner and wax in it. But after we agreed to a final price…..RIPOFF NUMBER ONE: They added $677.00 to the invoice for the wax !!!!!We were then sent to the slick talking sales manager who started rattling off all the benefits of his wonderful extended warranty. It actually took us a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about. When I told him I would purchase my own plan he quickly dropped the price from $40.00/month to $20.00. I should have left then since he was playing us for a couple of suckers . To my everlasting shame I bought the d**n thing. I guess I just wanted things to be perfect for my wife. RIPOFF NUMBER TWO: He charged $2000.00 for a $1200.00 plan!!!!!All this time we were never shown a printed invoice, instead we were asked to sign the signature pad connected to his computer. I really have no excuse for not insisting on seeing a printed invoice before signing but I just wanted to see my wife behind the wheel of her new car. When I got home and sat down and looked at the invoice I was shocked and saddened at what I saw.RIPOFF NUMBER THREE:To add insult to injury they even tacked on a $550.00 doc fee. I have purchased many new cars from different dealers in my life and was never subjected to this level of dishonest dealing. I thought that any successful dealership would value their reputation far too much to pull this kind of stunt.

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