Andover Restraints

Andover Restraints

Andover Restraints , div of The Andover Companies,Inc Andover Restraints RIPPED ME OFF! seaford Main!!. Andover Restraints advertised their seatbelts would fit my Chevelle. They dont. Jo Ann Bond in customer service directed me to another state to ask for a Paul. Paul wouldnt answer the phone or call me back. I had no problems until I told Jo Ann Bond that I was hearing impaired now SHE wont return my calls (32 of them) I understood her ok on the phone and dont understand why her and Andover Restraints used my handicap to rob me. I have been robbed of $230.00 and now have to spend another couple of hundred plus shipping to get the belts for my car. They will take your money and send you whatever they feel like sending and wont loose a minutes sleep about discrimination or taking food out of your childrens mouths. Scam business. Dont say I didnt tell you so.

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