Andrade Auto Exchange

Andrade Auto Exchange

Andrade Auto Exchange No help Liberal Kansas!!. My name is Maria Valles, I’m located in Liberal, Kansas and I’m reaching out to the areas around me know that Andrade Auto Exchange isn’t such a good place to purchase a vehicle. I have had such a terrible experience with them, such bad service. I purchased a Jeep Wrangler 2018 back in March of 2015, just 2 weeks after it was purchased we went out of town and realized something was wrong with the vehicle, as we drove it started to hesitate, sensors came off, and it would start dying when we would have it on park, in reverse, or just come to a stop. This car was no longer safe to be in and I was no longer happy with it. I let the salesmen here in Liberal know what the problem was, but they did not help me. I was told that it was weird since no other car had ever done that before and so on. A month later I return with the same problem and still I receive no help or any recommendations. By the middle of May I have once again returned with the same problem but this time the Jeep has continued to hesitate more and dying more. One of the salesman said he will look it to and will contact me later, therefore I leave. I cannot go out of my ways to fix it and at this point I’m frustrated with them for not helping me out as I have expected. So, I take the vehicle and continue to drive it like this even if it isn’t safe. Towards the end of June I have now gone to take the vehicle once again and let them know I am super upset with this vehicle and I am no longer interested in it. One of the salesman sets up an appointment with a mechanic in town he takes a look at it, but was unable to find the problem. Andrade’s takes vehicle back to their shop and it sits outside for at least 2-3 days, it later gets sent to Lopp Motors in Dodge City, it remains there for at least 2-3 weeks but once again I get the call and there is no luck, they did not find the problem. I personally have to go pick up the vehicle and I do not understand why if It wasn’t I who took it up there in the first place. As I’m heading back to Liberal the problem starts again and my whole entire drive back all I have is this vehicle hesitating not running as it should. I continue to do my job and let them know nothing was fixed the problem still remains and wouldn’t like to continue like this, however the salesman does not seem to care or bother to help anymore, they instead refer me to Jeep Customer Service and they as well provide little assistance. In November I take the Jeep to Chryslers Corner here in town and they find some codes, but do not run them because they are booked. I return 2 months later by January and they diagnose the car, but are not 100% sure of the problem. They assume it’s the fuel pump, which at this point I am not willing to pay $1,000 for the neglect Andrade’s has given me. I have contacted the main office in Lawrence and the salesmen up there are too busy to speak to me and help me, I leave a message but never get a call back, I try again and I get told ‘I’ll look into it and give you a call back’ yet, I haven’t heard from them up until now. Andrades Auto Exchange talks about how they strive everyday to do their best to take care of their customers before, during, and after the service and sad enough it’s all lies! This by far has been the worse experience, I would definitely not recommend this dealership to anyone.

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