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There are times in all our lives when it is appropriate to seek out experienced counsel, support and guidance. If you are a slave to repetitive habits, relationship failures or behaviors you’d like to end than it is likely time to take that step. I have 14 years experience treating Relationship issues, Addictions and Dual diagnosis disorders. Most of those years I worked at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, a highly reputed residential treatment facility. I have been helping people develop more satisfying lives by arresting addictions, improving relationships and overcoming challenges to reach greater peace of mind.My approach aims to deepen self-understanding, explore solutions to relieve pain and work towards extinguishing patterns that keep you stuck or struggling. When you are healthy, relationships in your life reflect that well-being. I use a varied approach that respects the individual and their life story and perspectives.My goal is to help you establish balance and satisfaction in your life. I seek to provide you the opportunity to put closure on old wounds and give you the courage to open new doors to sustain and fulfill your life.

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