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I have a Lawsuit and the attorneys supposably representing the plaintiff is Andreu Palma and Andreu. I don’t think they were expecting me to respond, not only did I respond but I sued the Plantiff back. I don’t even think it’s the plaintiff suing because they refuse to provide any evidence in discovery. And the evidence they did provide wasn’t even current. And all they’re doing is playing games with the court system. Let me see if your about to be sued and you don’t have a lot of money purchase Legal Shield you have more coverage if you have this program if you have it before your sued including trial time. And its less than $20 a month. Versus 2k to 4 k plus $250+ an hour for an attorney. Which doesn’t make sense if you owe way less. These people need to be reported to the FL bar. You can ask if the debt has been assigned but they will avoid or deny producing evidence. They are also depending on you, not to respond ,or to get discouraged because they will try to get your answer, counter and defenses thrown out. This is all nornal in the lawyer field. Keep showing up and keep fighting. Just answer has some good attorneys to get info from. Call a paralegal to get help with documents. Compel them to produce evidence. Request Production of documents. Submit Admissions, Interrogatories. Their witness needs to be an owner or directly related to your case. Not a hearsay witness. If your recieving a letter that you owe money before being sued start by sending them a letter validadating debt. This site has alot of good info. FYI, they still may respond with whatever they have. But that doesn’t mean anything. Consult a free sue debt collection attorney.

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  1. Enola Haws
    June 16, 2020

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