Andrew's Custom Golf Car Service and Repair

Andrew's Custom Golf Car Service and Repair

Andrew’s Custom Golf Car Service and Repair [email protected], other phone numbers, and other addresses in Tempe Screwed by Andrew’s Golf Car — keep your distance Mesa, Tempe AZ!!. We bought a used golf car from Andrew’s Custom Golf Car Service and Repair. They dropped off the car at my house, collected a check, ran to their truck, and immediately cashed the check before a thorough inspection could be made. Some of the problems were old dying batteries (3+ years old), tires with flat spots on the tires which caused a very rough ride, a battery charger which did not work proerly and when disassembled was caked with mud on the inside, horn which did not work, broken windshield, over tighened brakes (“to make them more reactive), title which was not legally signed, and more, as that mentioned is more than enough. Upon receipt, calls would not be taken, messages would not be answered. The cart delivered was junk, and was told it is used and therefore not perfect. We after 3 months of it sitting in our garage, got rid of the cart and realized a large $$$ loss. It is gone and we wanted to advise people to stay their distance from Andrew’s Custom Golf Car Service and Repair, or whatever name they may be going by. They have or had a location in Tempe and Mesa. The principal is Andrew, wife Kim, and the “mechanic” is/was Kevin. Before the purchase and delivery, they were the nicest people making unfulfilled promises. Once they got our check they were not. Bottom line, we were delived a very poor quality golf car, lost substancial money when getting rid of the car, and they were not there to deliver any customer service once they had the money.

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