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I bought a house, May 2015, with tenants already in occupancy. | I thought it odd that only the wife’s (maiden?) name, Shannon Overa, was on the lease. | Shannon’s husband introduced himself as Angel Maldonado. | Tenant failed to pay rent July 2015. | Lee County, FL eviction case 15-CC-002789 complaint filed July 15, 2015 | Sept 11, 2015 Final Judgement for Possession granted. | Landlords beware, do proper background checks. | Lee County, Fl court shows multiple evictions against Angel Maldonado, Shannon Maldonado, and Shannon Overa: | Case No. 13-CC-004128 (Angel Maldonado, Aug, 2013), | Case No. 12-CC-002932 (Angel Maldonado, Shannon Maldonado, June, 2012), | Case No. 11-CC-007524 (Angel Maldonado, Shannon Maldonado, Dec, 2011)

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