Angelica Simms Snapple Dr Pepper Group

Angelica Simms Snapple Dr Pepper Group

Angelica Simms Snapple/Dr Pepper Group -Michelle Stanford Sender on UPS5747 NW 7th Str., Miami FL 33126-Company Check was from Baltia Airlines,!!. Inc.63-25 Saunders St., Rego Park, NY 11374from HSBC Bank in Rego Park, NY 11374-wanted money forwarded $995 out of the $1800 ck to ANNALISA FORD email soliciting cars/drivers for bubble wrap advertisement (pay) Internet I received a solicitation to advertise Snapply products by using my vehicle which would be bubblewrapped and I would be paid for this service. I received a check for $1800 by UPS and the sender was Michelle Stanford out of Miami Florida. The persons name I was corresponding with by email was Angelica Simms. No phone number, fax number, or address given in her emails. The words Snapple and Dr Pepper only appear on the emails. The check was for $1800 and was from Baltia Airlines, lol, in Rego Park NY, the Bank on the check was HSBC Bank in Rego Park, NY , nothing about Snapple or Dr Pepper on the check. Angelica requested that I send $995 by money gram to Annalisa Ford in China Grove NC and I keep $300 dollars and I guess the rest was to be paid for bubble wrap which I was going to be contacted by person who did that kind of work.

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