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Here is a timeline summary of what we’ve gone through with this “business”, if you can even call it that: Angely of NJ. | The owner, Eliette Osses (know as Eli) came to my house Sept 1st 2017 and picked up my bed frame along with an advanced payment of $2,000 for her to refinish (sand, stain and seal) the bedroom set in a different color. When she took the bed she promised to have it done in 6 weeks and said she will pick up the rest of the bedroom set (a dresser, mirror, chest and nightstand) after. We agreed and finalized the color on Sept 15th 2017. | Eli verbally agreed (on Sept 1, 2017) to send weekly photos of the progress. I received one picture of a small piece of a drawer on Sept 13, 2017. To this day, that was the only picture I received despite several phone calls and texts asking her again and again. She never responded. | After 6 weeks of not getting any pictures, I called her several times. | She ignored my calls despite several messages. Finally, my husband tried to call her and she answered, probably because she didn’t recognize the phone number. She told him she is busy with other work and has no time to work on my bed. She said that we “paid cheap” and that other people paid more so she’s working on their items first. (I have a receipt of the agreed price). | This back and forth of calls went on for a few months, I have the conversations on Whatsapp saved. She stated on Sept 15 that the entire set will be completed in 2 or 3 months. That would mean that it should have been completed by Dec 15th the latest. Mind you, at this point she still only has the bed frame and none of the other pieces of the set. Also, at this time, I still had not received any photos of progress which I later found out was because no work was being done to the bed. | Whenever I was able to get ahold of her on the phone, she was extremely rude and disrespectful. I recall her saying things like “don’t bother me, don’t call me again”. Clearly she has no sense of professionalism. | In mid-November, she also told me to find someone else to do the furniture because she “does not have time”. I told her to please return the furniture and my money. She said “ok”. That was the week before Thanksgiving. After that, I didn’t hear from her and she again stopped answering my calls. My husband tried to call her and still no answer. I finally got a hold of her after Thanksgiving and she said on Dec 5th she will return the bed frame and my money. | Dec 5th came and I still did not receive my bed frame back. I sought out a lawyer for advice. He sent her a letter which she ignored. Finally on Jan 12th she showed up at my door with the bed frame damaged. I have photos of the damage. She clearly did not store it with care in her warehouse because there were scratches and dents all over, and some spots splattered around the headboard. It was pouring rain on Friday Jan 12 2017 when she returned the furniture. I watched her bring it into my house without any covering, the rain was falling all over it. Solid wood, Aico brand furniture. This stuff is not cheap. She handled my furniture with complete disregard and disrespect. | The only work done was to the side rails: they had been stripped down. That’s it. She’s had this bed frame since Sept 1, 2017 and on January 12, 2018, stripping the two small side rails is all the work that was done. A small piece of the drawer was stained black, this was the drawer she took a photo of to show me an example of the color on Sept 13th, which I said was too dark and needed to be grey. She left the drawer how it was when she took that photo so now I have a drawer with a portion of it stained black. | When I asked her “where is the money?” ($2,000 deposit), she ran out of my house and said “my lawyer will call you”. I shouted out to her asking for her lawyer’s information. She ignored me and drove off. | Now, I have to take her to court to get my money back. No one should do business with this company. Eli is unethical, rude and completely unprofessional.

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