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I am a business owner who has excellent reviews on Angies list. I have been a member since 2012. Last year we serviced a customer who is very mentally unstable. She started leaving reviews for my business over a course of a year. Each time I filed a rebuttal with copies of her emails her story would change and get bigger and bigger. | Stories such as- I never received a contract. I sent her a copy of her contract and her statement “Where do I sign” email which was 4 weeks prior to her service. | Next she had to reschedule and was not ready for my service because her father died. I posted her facebook page to which it stated her father died 9 months prior to her service. She then changed her story and said she was preparing her fathers house for a sale. I again posted her facebook to which it showed her vacationing in Albany and also her email stating she had to reschedule do to her vacation. | The list goes on and on. While searching Angies list for something else I found her review she left last year and responded to it. I also stated I was sick of her lies and was turning this over to my attorney for a lawsuit. I was then contacted by a very rude Kyle Mathes Integrity person from Angies List who informed me that if I sue her or take these issues to my attorney Angies list would drop me from their search. I offered to show my evidence and the insanity and slander that I have been dealing with and he refused. Angies list is holding business owners hostage. They have no right to tell me I cannot sue a person that is effecting my business montarily by a lying mentally insane woman. Sure I filed my rebuttal by why should I have a negative review on my business that is not true. | Angies list is a scam. All they care about is collecting their 10.00 a year from people. Rest assure the next time they call me to advertise at 300.00 a month I will be hanging up on them.

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  1. Anisha Kersch
    June 16, 2020
  2. Casey Staino
    June 16, 2020

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