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Pain is a part of life, but pain does not have to control your life. Let’s face it — the reality of pain is not the problem. How you are responding to that reality is.Addiction, loss, betrayal, change, and trauma are just a few of the ways in which pain shows up and seemingly takes over our lives. The ultimate goal of Bayview Counseling Services is NOT to remove the pain of life and living, but to help you to live your life fully and effectively in spite of the pain.Who’s in charge of your life — you or your pain?At Bayview Counseling Services, you will learn how to use your pain rather than avoid it. Embrace your anger rather than fear it. Replace addictive, self-destructive behaviors with behaviors that honor and reflect your values. Specializing in anger management, military family life issues, addiction and trauma. Contact me now if you want to take back control of your life and learn how to respond more effectively to pain, instead of continuing to play the rigged game of “trying to feel better”.

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