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This item was purchased at the above store in summer 2015. Not long after buying it we noticed that the birds were loose on the branch, so took it back to the store to ask if there was anything that could be done to secure the birds more . The store shipped it back to Swarovski in Vancouver at our expense ($25) and it was away for weeks, though it was a busy time being near Christmas of 2016. Eventually the product was returned and the birds were slightly more secure, though we were still concerned, handling the item as little as possible and with care. However, not long afterwards one of the birds fell off the branch completely, landing on the mantlepiece but the impact of that was that the branch and the other bird fell to the floor, resulting in its beak being broken off completely and in more than one piece. Once again I returned to Anne Louise in Kelowna and asked them to send the item to Vancouver for repair, once again paying the $ 25 shipping fee. Again the item was away for several weeks came back unrepaired with the comment “no further action”. This was an $800 item, and we believe it was faulty from the get go. Interestingly, the design of this piece has now been changed leading me to wonder if there were problems with the original design. We were offered no apology or compensation from either Anne Louise or Swarovski, which is disappointing as well as surprising. We look forward to hearing from you soon. I gave the original receipt, and boxed item.

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