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Are you struggling with substance abuse? Have childhood traumas kept you from forming healthy relationships? Have anxiety and depression made it difficult to leave the house? Whether you are seeking help due to diagnosed mental illness or are just going through a hard time in life, I can help. Therapy is a partnership, where client and counselor work together to determine your needs, understand your problems, and make a plan to move forward. As an outside observer, I can point out unhealthy thinking or behavior patterns, and help you move from struggling, to surviving, to thriving.As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist, I help people express themselves verbally and visually. This provides unique insight and understanding, which leads to healing. Prior to mental health, I did community development work in South America. The cross-cultural experience increased my humility, empathy, and Spanish skills.In my office, you will always find respect without judgment. I sincerely care about you as a person and will work with you as you learn the tools you need to experience a fulfilling life. EVERYONE deserves to experience unconditional love, and it starts with showing that to yourself.

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