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Do you feel stuck? Do you struggle with trying to please everyone at your expense, feeling guilty for saying no to people, leaving you with low self esteem, depression, and anxiety? Maybe you’re not sure why your life is not going the way you had expected. or how you got there. Stop repeating the same cycle and let me teach you how to have the courage to make the changes you want to make to be happier and more confident. I have spent my career helping people feel less overwhelmed with life, sett healthy boundaries, , manage anxiety, feel stronger, and maintain overall happiness and contentment with their lives. I offer individual counseling for teenagers and adults dealing with difficult life issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, as well as Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD. I help my clients change their negative thinking patterns to a more positive, productive way of thinking in order to help them feel stronger, safer, happier and more confident.I offer a warm, safe, environment free of judgement that is completely confidential. Please let me utilize my counseling techniques and compassionate outlook to help you organize your own thoughts, find and utilize your strengths, and get you to where you want to be in your life. Getting another perspective can really make a difference!

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