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From the outside the school looks like a sort of paradise for kids. All of three campuses do. And the philosophy the school says it follows looks exciting. However, we were very disappointed by the reality of this school. | Our son attended pre-K at the Aliso campus and then transferred to the Manzanita campus. There it turns out he was coming home with a lot of scratches and bruises. We spoke to the director there who tried to tell us that there was plenty of supervision outside and that our son was prone to exagerration. My husband observed the activity on the playground more than once and the adults were all talking to each other, instead of watching the kids. | We brought this up with the management and they turned the tables on us, saying our son has a learning disorder and they asked for more money in order to put him in some kind of extra program in the classroom. Our son does not have a learning disorder. He had him examined and checked out and he is above average intelligence and can concentrate and complete tasks. | When we complained again, after our son came home and said he was being bulled, the director there again turned the tables on his saying the problem was our son, even though there were no complaints about him by other kids or their parents. | This school carries out discipline for young children in the form of public shaming and scolding. Our son, who is active and curious, developed disruptive and aggressive behaviors in response to the negative disciplinary techniques carried out at Anneliese. | Moreover, the administration handled our son’s behavioral issues in a very unprofessional manner. Honestly, this was a horrible experience. My stomach is still in knots when I think about it. | I’m happy to report that our son went on to succeed and thrive with absolutely no disciplinary issues at a nearby Montessori. There is plenty of outdoor supervisioin there. He has shown no sign of a learning disorder. He thrives. I highly recommend looking elsewhere for your child’s education. The management of Anneliese Schools is only interested in tuition and not our child’s academic growth or his personal safety.

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