Antep Auto Sales

Antep Auto Sales

Antep Auto Sales Antep Auto Sales, Inc. Don’t let the smile the brothers give, fool you. Tucker, Georgia!!. Don’t let the smile the brothers give, fool you. I got a vehicle that I like. The staff (brothers, one with a mustard seed for a brain and the other with the mechanical skills)and 1 mechanic with lil English. Everything seemed to go well until 4 months left the engine went bad and the radiator busted. I reported the issue and was told that my account would be credited.So, i keep the car to only ends up taking it to the shop ever 6 months to get something major fixed. I went over 2 years making payments on time with no issue. So with less than 2 months remaining, little did I know they would put me through”pure hell”. I paid my car note on a Monday and 3 days later, my car was towed bc my payment didn’t hit the bank account. The only way to pay is Cash!! No debit card!! I called them and I spoke to the brother without the brains and he said ” I need to pay the car off in full”I tried to get a better understanding but the language barrier was too intense. He raised his voiced and said that he didn’t see any transactions. Come to find out the money was in the account the next day.I’m pursing legal matter at this time…. do NOT shop here the smiles aren’t what they seem…

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