Anthem Claims Management

Anthem Claims Management Complaint

As per other complaints on this site, Anthem Claims Management (ACM) is basically a front company created to limit damage claims from unreliable moving companies. I thought I had done my due diligence when I contracted with Official Van Lines- boy was I wrong. In my case, the whole claims exercise is designed to do nothing but frustrate customers until they give up. Specifically I was told on several occasions by Official Van Lines, also an unreliable company, that I had 9 months to file a claim. I was originally instructed to submit a claim to Official Van Lines, the strategy there is just not to respond to the email. When when there was no response from Official Van Lines, I started followed up and was given the information for ACM to file the claim. When the driver delivered my belongings, he insisted that I sign the inventory sheet before he left- pretty standard practice in the industry. On the comment section of each page there is a big note- damages pending. There is no way a complete inventory of damage can be compiled during the unloading process. After a very frustrating process- designed only to delay any action, ACM decided that because I did not have the opportunity to do a complete inventory by the time the driver insisted on me signing the inventory sheet, my claims were voided. If ACM were a legitimate company and this were a legitimate response, they would have said the claim was voided months ago when they received a copy of the inventory sheet. This is nothing more than another tactic to avoid paying claims. Also- the arbitration company ACM will refer you to for appeals, they are a shame company like Official Van Lines and ACM. Save yourself time and trouble.

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