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Trauma specialist with concentration in Suicide Ideation and Survivor Guilt. Times in our lives that we need outside help; Having an expert professional who has guided others and can make all the difference in creating change. I have a no-nonsense coaching style: interactive, direct, and goal-focused. I am particularly interested in treating complex trauma (difficult childhood, repeated traumatic events, abusive relationships, or military trauma), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as Mood Disorders (depression, burnout, adjustment difficulties) and Anxiety Disorders (Social or performance anxiety.)You possess the power to change, and that it is my role to help you become aware of how to understand and utilize that power. I also employ a spectrum of techniques which empowers you to challenge your internal thinking process in which to motivate positive change within your life. Change takes time and a safe comfortable environment that I safely provide. My goal is to help you unleash and draw on your own inner resources and unique strengths. Accepting you as the driving force in change; this approach brings effective long-term results, for the reason that you discover how to utilize your own inner strengths rather than having to rely on someone else for solutions to life’s issues.

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