Antillian Luxury Rentals

Antillian Luxury Rentals Review

This business is a scam. They are a car rental company based in Miami FL. The exact address is 5570 NW 84th Ave Miami FL, 33166 United States. Here are a few of the things this company does to steal your money: – They tell you that you agreed to their contract by making your reservation, yet this contract is not listed on the website where you made the reservation! The contract is no where to be found and when you ask for a copy, they tell you to get it on the website! – When canceling a reservation, they charge a fee of 11% of your total cost. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THIS BEFORE MAKING THE RESERVATION!! AND AGAIN YOU CANT SEE THIS IN THE “CONTRACT” BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST. – The business is run by rude unprofessional employees that make the whole experience unpleasant. This is a company that rents luxury cars like mercedes, Lambos and Ferrari, you would think theyd have a professional staff that provides customer service, THEY DONT! Please save yourself the time, money and headache and just rent a car with another company in Miami, there are plenty and ANTILLIAN LUXURY RENTALS is the LAST place you should rent a car from.

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