A&P auto and truck services, inc

A&P auto and truck services, inc

A&P auto and truck services, inc rip off with no proven service performed coral springs Florida!!. I want to warn everyone about A&P Auto and Truck Service, 4550 N.Univ Dr. Coral Sprinngs, FL Paul the owner kept my truck for 4 week and did not fix it. My husband and I tried calling every few days and on several occasions we were told that he was not available. We kept getting the run around. When we finally made contact after 4 weeks we were charged a $145 diagnostic fee. There were no prior acknowledgement as to the price for the diagnostic nor any signed paperwork of acceptance of the work to be performed. The vehicle started prior to him picking it up, however he stated that it would not start and before he csan determine why it was overheating, he would have to start it first. However, after constant calls and surprise visits, nothing was done and he provided no resolution. This “mechanic” left the car sitting and put every car in front of ours to be looked at. It was the worst service I ever received. They had no, absolutely no professionalism. I was also iunformed by the another individual who had the misforture of dealing with them that they did the same to his vehicle and charged him $200 for an issue that was resolved at a cost of about $25.00. Do not use this place. In my opinion: dishonest, deceiptful, tree shade mechanics.

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