Apex Auto Wholesalers

Apex Auto Wholesalers

Apex Auto Wholesalers -Apex Auto Salvage-Apex Sales and Used Parts-Apex Auto Parts Center-Apex sales towing and leasing-Saw Mill Auto Sales-Scrams Realty Corp-Saw Mil Wreckers-Saw Mill Salvage-De Leon Mich Auto Sales-White River Auto Sales Apex Auto Wholesalers = King of complicated shell companies Thornwood Nationwide!!. The issue: Customers can never get in touch with an owner of any of the aforementioned car dealerships/companies if issues arise (and they do) because they are all shell companies for Apex Auto Wholesalers, owned by Maio. If one wants to pursue legal proceedings, it is difficult to get a hold of an owner of the company that one signed a contact for, therefore making the proceeding void. Since they are not LLCs, he is not double taxed and (likely) does not needs to file individual returns per LLC and avoids double taxation. None of the other names (ie: White River Auto, De Leon Mich, etc.) are registered with the NYS Department of State. These companies operate anonymously and are characterized by excessive complication because they use u201cnovelu201d ways of characterizing income, assets and liabilities. The vehicles and parts being sold from the car dealerships owned by named companies above (especially De Leon Mich) are done under the guise of fraudulent contracts. Some of the language in car contracts issued to English-speaking customers is in Spanish. Numbers on these contracts spontaneously change each month and miscellaneous fees are added in randomly. Qualifications for the loans are minimal and verification is null. The towing company that the Westchester car dealerships use, SS Auto Recovery, charges exorbitant fees ($500+) for towing–and these mandatory fees are not listed in one’s contract when one purchases a car from a company that is under the umbrella of Saw Mill International. Therefore, in order to obtain oneu2019s car if it is towed, one has to pay whatever fee the car dealership states as the towing company is a third-party vendor to the car dealerships. If your car needs a repair (which most will) they make you take your car to C & R Auto Repair (They do not do a great job.) This is in your contract. C & R is directly next to Pompeian Imports and they (C & R ) utilize their yard, parts, etc. Then when the repairs are done, you get an expensive bill of repairs that you didn’t agree to and are told that you “have to pay” even if 1. the repairs/issues take place under a car’s warranty and 2. did not agree for the items to get fixed. If you don’t pay, then your car gets “repossessed” aka taken by SS Auto Recovery. One is told that SS Auto Recovery is a Third Party vendor and you have to pay the towing company “whatever” in order to get your car back (direct quote.) Here’s the breakdown, for those of you who have been ripped off before and are looking for legal recourse. I’m sure they’ll hide behind anouther LLC or other shell corporation soon so: APEX Auto Wholesalers Owner: Ronald Maio Apex Auto Dealers is the umbrella company for/DBA: -Apex Auto Salvage -Apex Sales and Used Parts -Apex Auto Parts Center -Apex sales towing and leasing -Apex Owns Scrams Realty Corp -Scrams Realty Corp owns Saw Mill International Corp. -Saw Mill International Corp is an umbrella company -Scrams Realty Corp is owned by Angelo Maio (relative of Ronald Maio) Saw Mill International Corp (12-14 Worth St, Yonkers NY) is the umbrella company for the following: -Saw Mill Auto Sales -Scrams Realty Corp -Saw Mil Wreckers -Saw Mill Salvage -De Leon Mich Auto Sales -White River Auto Sales (New Rochelle) -SS Auto Recovery is affiliated with Saw Mill International. Its owner is unknown. -Pompeian Imports is affiliated with Saw Mill International. Pompeian Imports Ltd is the Umbrella company for the following: -C & R Auto Repairs -Pompeian Imports (importer/exporter of electrical equipment) Apex Auto Dealers LOCATIONS (Tri-state area): New York – NYC Bronx County, Queens NY, Westchester Eastchester NY, Mt Vernon NY, New Rochelle NY, Yonkers NY Long Island NY Great Neck NY, New Jersey Fort Lee NJ, Englewood NJ, Cliffside Park NJ, Tenafly NJ, Ridgefield NJ, Edgewater NJ, Palisades Park NJ, Fairview NJ, and Guttenberg NJ.

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