Apex Handyman Services

Apex Handyman Services

So to start with this handyman advertises on Facebook in our community as a handyman, however, the way he operates and cheats people out of their money is where the problem starts. | So last summer we hired Apex Handyman Services to come and repair a swamp cooler that had gone out or at least we thought had gone out. I bought a new motor and called this business for emergency service. The older motor was no longer being manufactured so I could not get the new motor to work. When Mr. Jimenez came out he charged $60- and got it running, no sooner did he leave it broke down again. I called him back and he came out again and demanded more money, and once again he got it running but that too was short-lived as it broke down again right after he left. At this point, my wife and I purchased a mobile A/C unit until we could get an electrician to come out the following day. It turned out that the problem was a bad breaker and was a $12- fix which we did. | We figured maybe Mr. Jimenez just wasn’t very experienced with swamp coolers and chalked it up to a learning experience. Being my wife and I purchased a fixer-upper home we wanted to replace the carpeting in our home with Pergo wood flooring. We had seen the pictures of Apex Handyman Services floor work that this individual had supposedly done and thought maybe he is more qualified in this area at least from what we could see in the pictures on his Facebook business page. We called him out to give us an estimate for the flooring and adding to the countertops. What we learned was that Mr. Jimeneze aka Apex Handyman Services added about 100 square feet to the project and completely over-quoted us for the project. Just to be sure we were correct we called out a well-known business and got an estimate on the floor and the square footage and we were correct, he quoted an extra 100 square feet. | Of course, we decided against using Apex Handyman Services aka Mr. Jimenez for this project and moved on. On labor day weekend of 2018, my family and I were going out of state for the weekend and wanted lumber from an old chicken coop removed off the property along with the padding from the carpet (which was in a 33 gallon bag) we had removed by ourselves and a small freezer (5 cubic foot) . We felt that this was one job Apex Handyman Services aka Conrad Jimenez could do as hauling stuff to the dump wasn’t a job that required a high skill set. We called him out and agreed to a $150- for the job but he requested payment upfront since we would be out of town. We felt that was reasonable being that we actually would be out of town. The stipulation was that it needed to be done before we got back and he assured us it would be done no worries. | When we returned on that Monday we noticed the little freezer was gone and so was the 33-gallon bag with the padding, what wasn’t gone was the lumber from the chicken coop. We decided to wait till the following day and see if he would get a hold of us but to our surprise, he didn’t so we reached out to him and he gave us an excuse about how the mother of his child had supposedly dropped his child off unannounced over the weekend (we learned later this was a lie as his child is not in the custody of the mother of the child nor was it in his custody, turns out the child is in the custody of the grandparents) and that he would get the lumber removed by Thursday latest Friday that week. We waited that week and when Friday evening came we reached out to Apex Handyman Services aka Mr. Jimenez and we got another excuse about how his truck broke down. When we asked how come he didn’t bother even reaching out to us he got nasty and started trying to renegotiate the agreed-upon price at which point I demanded a refund for the services he did not complete. | We posted in a group on Facebook for our community about our experience and soon discovered that this business Apex Handyman Services aka Mr. Jimenez had taken payment from others (well over 30 clients and that’s still low) and either not done the job, not completed the job, stolen materials and tools, and done jobs so poorly that I actually recruited a professional and sent all the work his way. | I set up mediation so that this business Apex Handyman Services aka Mr. Jimenez could right his wrongs but he never showed, instead he sent me a text message calling me a coward for not letting it go. I hired security for this event so that everyone would behave civilly in hopes that everyone he conned and took money from without doing the job could get some kind of solution set up with this business. | And we gave him three chances to remove the lumber as he was paid to do after the fact but a year later he has not made any effort to correct his actions. | We had him removed from several community groups because we did not wish to see others taken advantage of but that didn’t stop this individual from having his girlfriend bid on jobs for him. | We took further actions by filing complaints with the appropriate places such as State licensing, county licensing, and of course contractors board, however, a year later this business Apex Handyman Services aka Conrad Jimenez has not done the job nor refunded the money for the job he has not completed. If you live in Pahrump Nevada beware of this business and it’s the owner.

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