Apollo Relocation Services, Inc.

Apollo Relocation Services, Inc. Review

I contacted a moving broker service company and placed a down payment of $1,400 to reserve a moving date on Saturday 6/20/15. On 6/23/15 I called and inquired about cancelling the move because I did not think I had enough time to pack up the house before the movers came. I was informed that I would lose $250 of my $1,400 for cancelling on short notice or they would allow me to place my move on “hold” for up to a year. I elected to place the move on hold while the house was on the market. Four months later the house has not sold and I’m going to take it off the market for the winter and see no reason to let Apollo keep making interest money on my deposit so I called to get my deposit back until I put the house back on the market in Feb/March. They now refuse to refund ANY amount of money. I even cancelled within the 3 day “cooling-off period” which is a federal law and was open to them keeping the $250 fee previously mentioned. Now I’m being told I’m not eligible for any kind of refund. This is obviously very poor business practice/morals. All their yellowpage reviews are fake, the accounts were created the same day the review was made and it was the only review ever made on that account. Horribly dishonest. I’ve made a BBB complaint and am contacting a lawyer about the cooling off period federal law. Extremely disappointing to have to go through this kind of mess.

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