Apollo Truck Sales

Apollo Truck Sales

Apollo Truck Sales onasisandrew.wix.com/apollotrucksllc Fraud by selling a non existent car Kennewick, Washington Internet!!. To whom it may concern, The company is called Apollo Trucks LLC Dba Corey Andrew Sparks I called the Kennewick Police Department at 7PM after I filed the fraud report with the Mission Viejo CA. Police department There is an Apollo Construction company but there is no Apollo Truck LLC and the address given to me is false. I examined the paperwork of the car and discovered the car title, dealer seller permit is all fake. apollotrucksales.wix.com/apollotrucks The second website is supposed to be the trucking company which is supposed to deliver the car. As you can tell both websites are identical And when you look at the staff the same people with the same pictures appear. tobiasautosales.wix.com/tobias The VIN for the car was altered at the third digit, but I was able to find the actual car which was sold by a dealer last year motoexotica.com/inventory/listing/1968-porsche-912-targa/ I attached all the documentations to this email. Including the false Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche and the actual one of the real car. In this document you can see that all the numbers are the same, except the third digit is now a 7 instead of an 8. Please if there is anything you can do, to block the funds until you receive the Fraud report from my bank California Bank and Trust in the morning I also discovered the next scam they have placed on Craigslist. 1952 Chevy Pickup. The phone number points to an address in Texas. And this car is on the inventory website under specials. The actual car is being offered by a dealer in Florida. I will contact the FBI in the morning, maybe this could help to track them down. Please contact me at any time if you have any further questions and if there is any way to help me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you, sincerely Frank Knieriem

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