Apple Ford - Columbia

Apple Ford - Columbia

Apple Ford – Columbia If your time is valuable don’t shop for cars at Apple Ford Columbia, Maryland!!. My new car purchase at Apple Ford was a complete nightmare. After picking out two cars and deciding which one to purchase another salesman came and asked for the keys to one of the two because he had a customer wanting to look at one of them. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!! Not caring for the way business was conducted, my husband and I left the dealership. Not 5 minutes later the salesman called and stated that the gentleman was not interested in the new car but wanted to buy our used one that we drove in. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!! Not wanting to drive to another dealership I convinced my husband to go back to Apple. What a mistake that was. Apparently they do not know how to multitask and sell a car quickly. The salesman went through various forms. The first form was for a car we did not select. After correcting that they then appraised the trade-in. This took forever even though allegedly they already had a buyer for it. My husband was asked several times for his Social. Not sure why on that issue. The salesman seemed to be lost as he wandered around the dealership. After several hours we finally made it to finance. The only part of Apple that seems to know what they are doing. Gee lets make sure we get the money!!! It took 45 minutes after signing the papers to get possession of the vehicle. Every excuse was made such as it is in prep. When that grew old the excuse became that the car was taken to the gas station to be filled up. We are still not sure where the gas station was because it took 20 minutes to get to the gas station and back. One would think that the prep and fill-up would have been done when the financing was being done. Every other new car that we have purchased was waiting for us when we finished financing. We arrived at the dealership at 10:30 and did not leave until 4:00. If you have nothing better to do with your time Apple is the place to shop. I on the other hand have better things to do and would recommend that you not shop there. Reading a previous complaint Apple Ford keeps apologizing but doesn’t seem to have the answers to rectify the situation nor do they want to go out of there way to try to make a customer happy. After our experience they didn’t even offer a free oil change. They have our money and as far as I am concerned they could care less about the customer.

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