Appleby automotive group

Appleby automotive group

Appleby automotive group; Sara, Nathan Appleby Sold me a car that does not run. Will not return any phone calls or text messages. Are never at car lot. Stole my money from me. columbus Ohio!!. On Christmas day my vehicles transmission went out. I did not have money to get it fixed or to buy a newer car. I looked up used car lots in my area, knowing there was a huge risk in going to a used car lot. I didnt have much choice as I dont have a lot of money right now with the holidays just ending. I located this car lot that has had some good reviews, so i thought id give them a call and see if they could help me. I called them up and they ran my credit and stuff but i did not have enough to put down on a car just yet, so the lady, Sara, said that while we are saving up, she has a volvo we can buy and use for now and then just trade it in on the newer car when i had the money. Out of desperation, i fell for it. On December 28, 2016, I gave her $600 down which was every single penny i have and i am supposed to make payments bi-weekly of $150 until I paid an additional $1300 totalling $1900. I wasnt expecting much as it is an old car from and used car lot. the windshield wipers didnt work but she had ordered the part to have it fixed and would give me a call when it came in and she told me where to take it and they would put it on for me. I said ok, i was slightly put off by this but, shame on me, i assumed that would be the end of the problems. I was wrong. I was driving it home the day i bought it, and realized that the headlights dont work. It took more than 24 hours and several callls and voicemails to get her to call me back. She told me to take it to the mechanic and they would fix it. When i started it up it kept dying- she said its probably because it sat for 2 years before we drove it. Are you serious? I took it to the mechanic and he fixed the lights. I drove it home. A few days later, literally, the car wont start. Completely dead, new battery. she didnt want to fix it and said it was something we did.i told her i wanted my money back. After throwing a fit she said to take it to the mechanic and they would figure it out and she would pay for it. there was a broken trunk latch that kills the battery. so they fixed it and recharged the new battery. A few days after that, i was driving down the freeway and the tire falls off. (1/6/17) We sat there for almost 3 hours before AAA came. i called her several times telling her i want my money back becuase she sold me a car that doesnt work. I signed a contract for a car that does work. The next day(1/7/17) I go to start the car and the car will not start unless i keep the gas peddle pushed in, and as soon as you let up on the gas, the car dies. I have called them and texted them several times to no avail. they are never at the car lot, its like they just disappeared. They even have the phone off. I just need my money back. They lied to me and took advantage of my vulnerable situation. I signed a contract for a car that works. this car does not work, and it never did, I need my money back. Now i am out almost $700($600 on the car and almost $100 on insurance) and i still have no car.

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