AP's Auto Sales LLC

AP's Auto Sales LLC

AP’s Auto Sales LLC AP’s Auto Sales, AP’s Auto Leasing, Al Perry USED CAR RIP-OFF, LICENSE PLATE & REGISTRATION FRAUD…ATTEMPT TO HOLD MY PLATES AND REGISTRATION HOSTAGE Tucson, Arizona!!. AL PERRY, Owner of AP’s Auto Sales, told me he only sold “good cars”. After buying one of his “good cars”…I found out (the next day) the car had never had any kind of maintenance done…on this 82,000+ mile vehicle. The costs to repair were in excess of $800. I was ANGRY! So, I put a stop payment on my check. But, before he even knew I had done that, I went to him with a cashier’s check to fulfill my obligation…and I told him why I was mad! He made all sorts of claims which had nothing to do with the truth. He told me “you have to pay for the stop payment on the check”…I told him NO, that it was his cost for making me so ANGRY (actually used the word pissed off)…which he replied to as “ok”. So….waiting and waiting for my license plates and tags…he apparently had them sent to him. Four days before my temporary registration was to expire, he now said, in order for me to pick up plates and registration, it would cost me another $119.95 plus $25 for the stop payment. I told the staff that I had already paid all I was going to pay. Staff said “well you can’t get your registration and plates unless you come here and pay”. THEY WERE HOLDING MY REGISTRATION AND PLATES Hostage!! I knew they couldn’t do that and I went to MVD and paid $5 for plates and registration. Apparently it had cost him $111. I guess what comes around goes around

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