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I financed a water softner this year through Costco. Aqua Finance Inc FBO Connexus Credit Union financed the loan for the device. I pay my bills online. I have been having trouble trying to log on to their website to pay and their phone hours are not listed on the bill. | I called and left a detail message about the issues I was having and because I wanted to pay over the phone but their office was closed. I work M-F 12-14 hours a day and by the time I get off work it’s too late to pay over the phone. When I was able to call, it was a few days after my due date and it was reported on my credit report. I spoke with Tiffany and the supervisor Tanya who both explained they “cannot” remove the reporting which I know is possible. | I believe they only reported this late payment on my credit report to be spiteful because of the message I left about their antiquated payment methods and thier shotty website which does not compete with other online payment services, even the most basic services. | When I called to discuss a reprepsentative picked up. I asked for the extention on my bill and she begins to explain that all I have to do it press option 4 to enter an extension. Hello, when I called it did not give me the option to select anything except hold for a representative. I don’t believe they know how their systems work. | I tried to enroll online several different times without success. It wasn’t until I spoke with a rep. to pay my bill that the site started working. I don’t think they want to admit they were having a problem with their site. | Never to business with Aqua Finance.

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