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I Glenda F on July 9 2017 ordered a trail size aqua refined on line. I received it one week later. I never used the product. This morning I called my bank and I was told I was being charged with $89.95 from this company. I called the company to ask what it was, they replied Aqua Refine,but they work for different companies. I told them I want my money places back in my account, he replied he couldn’t do that because I was paying for the product. I told him I was paying $5.95 for free trail size, I was told that the trail size cost $89.95 and there was no refund. I told him to place my money back to my account I was told it couldn’t be done but he would cancel future orders, but no refund. Not fair, a ripoff. Help please i’m on a fixed income.

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