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She x-rayed a back molar and even though it was not abscessed she said I had only two choices, have it extracted or have a root canal and crown. I was not sure then or now if the pain was from this particular tooth. Without informing me, she did oral surgery in her chair by drilling into my jaw bone. She was very brutal and aggressive causing me to fear she was going to pop my jaw out of place. In fact, she left the outside of my face bruised by her fingertips. I felt her instrument catch under the large molar crown next to the tooth she was extracting and felt as she traveled under the crown, hooked to the back of the crown whereupon she pulled upward with great force. I heard a loud crack and she hit my top teeth. I wondered what had happened, what had just broken, but she did not seem concerned. She then began sanding, and sanding, and sanding. Then she began scrapping repeatedly into my jaw bone just before asking for sutures. The first words out of my mouth after this hour ordeal was, “Oh… my… God…” She told me only as I was checking out, “I had to drill into bone so you basically just had oral surgery.” Then she added, “I cracked just a little piece off the crown next to the tooth but if it bothers you I can sand it some more.” Turns out that half the crown was broken off and I believe she meant to do this. When I called back regarding the crown I was told, “That’s just the risk you take.” I hurt so bad when I got home that day, you would not believe. The underside of my tongue felt extrememly painful and tingled like one’s hand does when it goes to sleep. This lasted several days. Two teeth next to the extracted tooth were shockingly loose and trauma to one caused it to become abscessed and required a root canal. The tooth with the broken crown also had to be replaced. I’ve been to plenty of dentists in my 48 years and never was treated so maliciously. She robbed me of the choice to go to an oral surgeon by not providing me with informed consent before she preformed surgery. I was not prepared for oral surgery and had to drive myself home. After two weeks of stress I developed partial small bowel obstruction from inflammation and had to be admitted to the hopital. What a horrible ordeal. It took months to get over this and 4 rounds of antibiotics. I filed a complaint with my State Board of Health for them to investigate and I reported her to my dental insurance company asking them to drop her.

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