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I bought the TRIPLE S2 STAINLESS STEEL WATER COOLER for $965 three years ago. | The machine worked fine for the first two years. In March 2017 the water stopped getting cold. | I Emailed the company, since they give a Five year warranty at purchase. I waited a few weeks for a response non-came. I emailed and called a few times, finally someone replies that they will get back to me. another month goes by, I Email again and after waiting some more they ask me to send in some pictures. I sent pictures of the unit and the serial number and waited some more. this run around was ongoing for about five months. | Finally, I called them on the phone, this time they picked up. | They tell me that I would have to pay for the shipping to them they will repair it under warranty, then ship it back to me. So I carried this 40 pound cooler to the local shipping store, they wrapped it up securely and shipped it via UPS. | After three weeks, I emailed inquiring about my cooler. I was told that the cooler is badly damaged and that they were not able to repair it for me. I told them that it is impossible Since I sent them pictures of the unit before and took pictures of it again before shipping out, the only issue was a mechanical one not a bruised-up body. as usual they took their time they kept arguing that UPS should pay for it since they claimed that it got damaged while in transit. (I called UPS they said they can only pay $100 if I can prove it was UPS fault). | Turns out Aquaverve Never stands behind their product as they write on the Website, they don’t stand behind their warranty, they constantly postpone and ignore customers and when finally pushed to a corner, they took my cooler banged it up to a point where the owner says is beyond repair. I even asked them to send it back to me as is, So I can have it repaired myself. But they refuse to. They refuse to give me a refund or a new cooler. | I did some research on the company and the products. They have a long history of deceiving and ripping off costumers. I am not the only one, I gathered a few people who all had a similar situation and they never got a repaired or new unit from them. | I am writing this complain to warn all potential customers, STAY AWAY from Aquaverve and its parent company Elite holdings group. Their product’s are bad their customer service is worse and their guarantee/ warranty is terrible a fraud. Use your money wisely and buy from a reputable company. | Stay away from Aquaverve this a Scam and a fraud.

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