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I am embarrassed to report that i ordered a "free" trial of vlamorous on my ipad and somehow Either a mis-click…Or not?) added an order of aquavo trial. I did not see any fine print on how after 14 days for vlamorous and after 18 days of aquavo i would be charged full price for the samples. One charge was & 036;105.79 the other was & 036;97.83. I was actually charged this twice, and had not noticed until another sample came in the mail – which i did not actively order, but got as an "automatic" renewal since i did not cancel after my free trial. None of the terms were visible to me at the time of the original sample order. I called to cancel, which was confirmed. I asked for a refund and offered to send the second delivery back – they did not want it back and informed me that i could have a 50%refund, as per the terms of the agreement Also not visible to me).

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