ARAC Roof It Forward

ARAC Roof It Forward

The highlight | A quote from the roof inspection report: | “In accordance to the manufactures warranty, items in Boldface appear to be conditions found on this home. Considering the conditions found on this home it is questioned if this roof would actually be covered under the warranty. ” | Story: | The ARAC sales person Mel Takekawa convinced me a defect of the roof–‘high nail’, which means the nails were not put in the right position of the shingle and therefore, the weight of the shingle could not be held by the nails properly and will fall over time under gravity. The new roof ARAC put on ended up having the same defect but to a more serious extent—the nails were not there! | If the right number of nails needed to hold a shingle is 6, ARAC put on 3, 2, or 1. I have a professional inspector inspected the roof and a long list of other serious problems was found. ARAC failed to fix the problem after 2 attempts and 2 missed appointments. | Moreover, the team head of the workers was rude and offensive when they were asked to come back, This team head apologized with Mel Takekawa with the explanation being his righthand guy just died the night before of kidney failure at a young age. No contractors around Atlanta was willing to fix it and they said it is better to just replace it.

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