Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency, Inc.

Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency, Inc. Review

He talked really well and very fondly of himself. he seems to come across as a religious man, but now thinking this is to pull you in and ease your mind. Sheep in wolfs clothing so to speak. | Let me say this was a waste of mine and my daughters time and money!..march 2015 we contacted Jeff chandler, throught email, I sent in photos of my 15 yeard old and asked if they thought she had modeling potential? A call (of course) was returned same day. I was told, come right down, I have some work she perfect for..Naturally, being a Mom thought, WOW. he (JEFF) see something, I cleared my after noon, grab my daughter when down there to the office, that sameday. I was excited he said he had work for her…To this day 2/2016, we have never gotten work from this company. It took me calling every week and email just to finally get a photo shoot date, which was in 5/2015.,She had braces at the time, I told Jeff when the pictures come back, her braces will be off, HE said we can photo shop them off the photos, THEY DID not do that. and honestly, I could have done a better job. I am sure what he charged me for these photos was not what the photographer got paid. He pocketed most of my 1000.00. That money was suppose to be for photo shoot, pictures, and two years of modelling work. which mind you he gets a percentage of whatever and if she works, however she has not. I question this ALL, and emails go unanswered and calls are never returned. | when the photos, came back, not very good mind you, her braces were still there and its was 6/8 weeks later she doesnt even look like those photos after time has past. her hair was longer, braces were off..waste of my money! | I called him, and he never returns calls. ALL the work HE post on face book is for minors most of the time. The pictures that on his website are from models from back in 1960, OR so it seems to me.. then the ones he has listed as his talents are photos we have to supply, only to just make is seem like he has alot of talent, I am willing to bet he does not have most of those people you will see listed as his talent. | This was our expereince, I hope that I gave you food for thought before you make attempt to stop by his office.

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  1. Jodie Jeavons
    June 17, 2020

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