Arizona Superbike

Arizona Superbike

Arizona Superbike Greg RuizRide Now Motorsports Dealer refuses to refund cancel extended warranty Chandler Arizona!!. I purchased a new motorcycle back in March 2018 from Arizona Superbike (which I guess has been purchased by Ride Now Motorsports). At the time of purchase I bought an extended warranty through the dealer from Pinnacle Protection Plans. After a few months I hadnu2019t received any information form Pinnacle regarding my agreement. I talked to Greg Ruiz (the owner of AZ Superbike at the time) and he said heu2019d call Pinnacle to find out what was going on. Greg informed me that they would send another package out. A few weeks later and I still didnu2019t receive anything from Pinnacle. I spoke to Greg again, and they supposedly sent another package out which I also never received. I wasnu2019t sure what was going on, but this certainly wasnu2019t a company you could trust to do business with. I spoke with Greg again and told him I still hadnu2019t received anything and to cancel the agreement. He agreed. A few days later, I called Pinnacle to see if the agreement was cancelled and they told me it wasnu2019t. At that time I told them to cancel it, which they said a refund would be mailed out within three weeks to the Lien Holder. Now come the end of August and I show no refund being applied to the loan, or being received by me. I called Pinnacle who informed me that the refund would be issued from the dealer. I then called AZ Superbike and found out that Greg was no longer the owner and that Ride Now Motorsports purchased AZ Superbike. Tyler (from Ride Now) the new GM, said he would look into it once I called back with the agreement number. Iu2019ve called back numerous times but was told he was always on the other line. Iu2019ve left my number each time without my call being returned. Tyler eventualy a few days later and asked me to fax over the agreement. He also made the comment that he doesnu2019t deal with Pinnacle, that Greg Ruiz must have taken the money run, but that heu2019d try and call Pinnacle to find out the details. As of today I havenu2019t heard back from Tyler.

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