Arley Leghorn

Arley Leghorn

Arley Leghorn Engine Depot, We Have Engines, Speedline, Motortime Bad Motor, No communication San Mateo CA!!. I purchased a remanufactured motor from Arley on Feb 3. I thought as though i had made a great deal. I was wrong. He was polite an responded very quickly to my phone calls. Once the motor arrived i visually inspected and everything looked fine aside from a gouge in the cam seal area. I called and noted this immediatly. The install was fairly strait forward and i had a well seasoned mechanic do the actual install. I also observed almost every step. After installation was complete the motor will not start. After checking obvious spark and fuel issues; which were found to be good, we moved to timing. Timing was set correctly and verfied multiple times. Upon further invistigation we performed compression tests both wet(oil in cylinder), and dry on 4 of the six cylinders. Results were 60 PSI give or take 1 PSI. After simple compression tests were performed we tried a leak down test. The results of this test confirmed that there is no seal to our valves. I then proceeded to contact Arley. After MULTIPLE tries he finally returned my call. I explained to him the situation and the results that we had found. He REFUSED to speak to my mechanic. As soon as i mentioned the leaking valves he jumped to the conclusion that we had done something wrong. I explained to him that we are not your average shade tree machanic. This is where things turned ugly. He screamed at me that we can just return the engine(on my dime), and his techs will tear it apart. Who knows what he could make up at this point. His voiced was extremely angry and loud. At this point to tried to recover what wsa left of an intelligent conversation and he wanted me to double check our findings, which i did. Now after double checking everything i cannot get him to answer. I have been taken advantage of and want other people to know.

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