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We brought our car in for an oil change. They told us we had to get the 30k inspection in order to keep our Tires for Life contract going; so I did for $300 later. I ask for them to check my A/C unit in the car because the A/C had gradually lost air. They quoted me $700 to fix the A/C because the compressor clutch coil was bad. I declined due to finances. My husband decided to fix it himself to save money and bought the part for $350. When he went to change the part he noticed there was wiring ripped out. The compressor coil was not bad at all. He saitered the wiring back together and the A/C now works. Meanwgile my tires are bad. I had 3 companies look at them. When we went back to Arlington Toyota the upper management would not look to see that the original compressor clutch was still in the car (proving misdiagnois of the problem) and they would not give us our tires under our contract because they said the tires were over inflated (untrue). I have 5 receipts from Arlington Toyota showing major tire problems which includes vibration to the car at hight speeds. Arlington Toyota would not refund the $49 for the misdiagnosis of the A/C either. I have spent hundreds of dollars at this dealership keeping up my tires for life contract. They will not acknowledge the A/C being sabotaged either. Consumers need to be aware of this. Maybe if the dealerships how crooked they are on TV, some honestly will come out of this. I have pictures and receipts of everything. This speaks for itself.

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  1. Winter Railsback
    June 16, 2020

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