Armando Vazquez Inc

Armando Vazquez Inc

Armando Vazquez Inc Auto detailing by Armando Vazquez Damaged vehicle electronic components in my vehicle and did not accept any responsibility. Car was in perfect working condition and had to be towed to dealership. Company owner was disrecpecful and accepted zero responsibility and refused to refund money paid for auto detail which was paid in advance. fort lauderdale Florida!!. Unethical auto detailing and car wash services, would promise results and then find excuses not to deliver after already being paid for his services. Damages vehicles and assumes no liability whatsoever Not a company, just a guy with a truck and a business card offering car washing services in the fort lauderdale area. Offers Presure cleaning services as well according to his information in his business card. Not insured or bonded, would not refund money paid or hundreds of dollars incurred in repairs due to his lack of knowledge

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