Armand's auto clinic

Armand's auto clinic

Armand’s auto clinic Jean Guy’s Automotive Complete waste of my time and effort, and utter lack of respect Sudbury, Ontario!!. I’m going to keep this as short as possible because I have never gone this far in my life before with any complaint, id like the reader to keep in mind, the staff at auto clinic minus jean guy are all excellent workers, ive had no issue with them, just the disrespectful loud mouth running the show. my friend was driving his car and destroyed the oil pan on it rendering it unfit to drive until it was replaced, this shop is right up the street from us so we were willing to push the vehicle to the shop to have him replace the oil pan which is not a hard job by any means, at first it was relieving because he gave us a day and we were set, we would even have a few people to help us from his shop.At the same time I bought a Saturn that I was working on in my yard, two fenders were missing and it needed new tires, well this jerk doesn’t know the difference between a 98 tercel and a 2000 Saturn sl1, and when we received no call from him we called back and he refused to help us cause ” half your f*ckin car is missing, there’s no f*ckin way I’m certifying that” I laughed and my friend corrected him and stated that wasn’t the right car.After waiting for two weeks of him blowing us off saying he is too busy to help ATM and to bring it the next day, he tried to work with us and say he would even come tow the car free I charge for the wait, just leave the car keys inside. Well two weeks after that he had come up with 100 excuses why he can’t pick it up, and never bothered to call once to say why, he just made excuses and waited for us to call! finally I went into the shop with my now finished saturn, I had enough time to repair all the damage on my vehicle and was gonna ask him if he would look at it to see what else it needed. Before I could say a word he shouted ” I’m not f*cking touching that piece of sh*t, half the car is missing, there is no way I’m certifying f*ck all” I corrected him and said ” if you look at the car you will see I have fixed it and need it looked at, he scoffed and refused to even look out the door at my car. The worker at the time agreed to come pick up the tercel we had now been waiting a month to have fixed before four o clock and promised that they would call if there was any issue, well they never called.We should have been priority over walk ins for the sake of having 100 appointments! We were treated like we were stupid and he flat out disrespected me to my face without a reason, he had no business saying anything that he did to me and is lucky that I didn’t make a complete fool out of him in front of his workers havin known lots of jobs he has screwed up in the last few years, I researched him! So I called in today and told them we were going to bring the car to another shop, I could hear him projecting his voice in the background of the person I was on the phone with, I left him a polite message sayin we won’t be returning, and with the not so very polite tone of the person I was speaking to, I told him flat out that I like to leave a message tellin him that his staff are all fine, but he can go f*ck himself!He lost out on a lot of money, almost a thousand dollars if he had looked at my car as well, so for the lack of respect and formality, I have informed every single one of my friends not to return to his shop and he has already lost hundreds of potential customers, would’ve taken him a day, best of luck to you a**hole

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