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We were sold Armstrong wooden laminate flooring with 30 year warranty. We were told that we could mop the floor periodically and nothing would happen. Today, accidentally, a bucket of water fell on the floor. We mopped the whole water within 15 minutes of the incident. Within 30 minutes of the incident, the flooring started bulging at the joints. We called the service provider immediately and he came and removed the panels. Water was found only under one panel along the wall and all other areas were dry. But, he said that moisture has entered under the floor and so, all the panels have bulged and they are of no use. As you know, India is a tropical country with a lot of rain and water sometimes come in through the windows. I strongly recommend people NOT TO USE this laminate flooring in India as they are absolutely water intolerant. Within 15 minutes, the entire flooring is gone and useless. We spent a fortune on the flooring. I can understand if water is stagnant for a few hours. Only water seeping under one row of the panel causes so much damage because of moisture. People from India, Beware. Do not waste your money on this for houses as water will spill accidentally when you have kids, pets etc.

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