Around the Clock Fitness

Around the Clock Fitness

They broke into my locker and stole my car keys, home and office keys, backpack, polar chest strap and watch/computer. I ran out to the parking lot and someone was using the key to try to locate the car. It was beeping and the light was going off. I got there just in time and the criminal took off. | I filed a police report with FMPD. I tried to speak to management. I called the manager Gabrielle on her cell phone, they refused to give me the owners number. They refused to even come out and check on my safety while I was out guarding my car waiting 2 hours for FMPD to arrive. I called the owner Derick Fay and he refused to talk to me. | I have spoken to numerous FMPD personnel. This gym is a hangout for criminals. They have had numerous reports of stolen cars, locker break-ins. | Incredibly, management has refused so far to cooperate with law enforcement. | Not only is this place unsafe, but their business practices are unethical. Stay away from this place. It is not safe and managemnt will not respond to help you if you are a victim and will not cooperate with law enforcement. It makes me wonder if they are in on the burglaries? I don’t know. This incident has cost me thousands of dollars. The criminal has my home and office keys. We are getting things re-keyed tomorrow. My wife and 8 year old are petrified. | please be safe. If it could happen to me it could easily happen to you | My wife told me she was watching the closed circuit of the child care area during the “parents night out” where they baby sit your child for 3 hours on Saturday night. The child care people were throwing balls HARD at the kids. One child fell and was crying and the child care person was too busy texting on her cell phone. My wife went to check on the child (not our) because she was upset. They had all of the doors closed. When she opened a door, they told her to close it immediately because they “want the doors closed”. My refuses to go back because she thinks they are child abusers. That should tell you all you need to know about this company. Boycott them.

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