ARS Flood & Fire Cleanup

ARS Flood & Fire Cleanup

We called ARS on July 29, 2016 to remediate a Cat 3 (dark water) loss in our mechanical room. They failed to follow protocol for proper remediation of our home resulting in Enterococcus bacteria and E-coli bacteria contaminating the entire home. | Standards for proper cleaning of a Cat 3 water loss is illustrated here: | | Instead of following the above captoned protocol, the employees of ARSwere in a very big hurry. It was Friday night and the employees made it known they were wanting to finish on the following Monday, what really needed to be completed on that very day. | To add insult to injury they carried a leaking large black trash bag full of very wet carpet and pad up the carpeted stairway through the hall to the main entrance to the exterior and out to their truck. | The employees never offered to clean up what they had drug through our home. They did not tell us to shut off the HVAC system so all of the bacterial (Entrococcus and E-coli) were spread throughout our home. They failed to contain the area and vent the large aid dryers from the exterior of the home. Instead they just allowed the large air movers to blow any left over contaminants throughout our house. | We were out of our home for over 11 months while we dealt with the insurance comapnies over the poor workmanship and failures of ARS . WE are now in litigation with our insurers and ARS Flood & Fire cleanup. | We had to remove all of the carpet from the house, tear out all the drywall and flooring and fixtures out of the master suite, laundry room and pantry on the main floor. Remove the ceilings out of the basement family room and cut holes in the subfloor on the main floor. |

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