A&S Auto Sales

A&S Auto Sales

A&S Auto Sales Unreliable, Junk Cars Sold Charlotte North Carolina!!. I purchased a vehicle from A&S Auto Sales on or about Feb. 23, 2016; and it’s been nothing but a nightmare. Repair after repair, tow after tow. My fiancu00e9 and I have spent more than $2,000.00 in a vehicle that we’ve had for less than 4 months; and now we have to replace the transmission which I am being told can cost us $1,800.00 and that’s just for the parts. The cars at this dealership are nowhere near reliable and I would never recommend them to anyone. When we initially purchased the vehicle some repairs needed to be made; and we took the vehicle back to them on several times. Upon receiving the vehicle back from their mechanic the vehicle was worse on almost every occasion. The vehicle abruptly stopped on the highway almost killing my fiancu00e9 in the process. We than had to have the vehicle towed as A&S refused to accept any responsibility for the vehicle stopping. Upon having it towed to an actual reputable mechanic it was found that the Mechanic for A&S Auto did not properly connect the wires back after making their “so called” repairs to the vehicle of which took 2-3 days to perform (in which I might add we did not have a vehicle; and was making payments for this one). The repair to have someone go in and correct the mechanic for A&S Auto errors alone cost almost $500.00; and that’s not including the towing to the shop. Several days after purchasing the vehicle the keys and remote to the vehicle would not unlock the doors. The only way we could get in and out of the vehicle was by one (1) leaving it unlocked and/or two (2) crawling in through the trunk (because the remote would only work for the trunk). They refused to repair that as well. The day after purchasing the vehicle we realized the mirrors would not adjust properly. After being told that was going to be repaired along with multiple other items A&S Auto rescinded their verbal agreement to take care of this issue as well. My goal is to save someone else the awful experience of PURCHASING A VEHICLE FROM THESE PEOPLE. I am currently working with my lender and several other entities to continue to expose this company for their unethical business practices; and will not stop until I am satisfied with a reasonable outcome. There is absolutely no excuse for us having to spend the kind of money that we’ve had to spend for this vehicle for it to be sitting in my garage not working w/monthly payments; and only be in our possession for less than four (4) months!!

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