ASAP Plumbing Service 2

ASAP Plumbing Service 2

This company was sent out to me by American Home Shield for a water heater issue. Upon arrival of the technician, he conducted an examination of the water heater. He informed me that the water heater had an internal crack and was leaking and the water was putting out the pilot light. He told me I would need a new water heater. I asked him if everything was up to code and I would just need a new water heater and he told me yes. This was at 4:30 PM my time. He told me he had to contact American Home Shield for approval before he could tell me what my out of pocket expense would be. I have yet (24 hours later) heard from this company. He also informed me that if approved they would be able to install a new heater before Friday. (six days without hot water). This morning 92916 I contacted American Home Shield to inquire about the approval. They told me they hadn’t heard from the plumbing company yet. They told me they would contact the company and find out about the approval. American Home Shield called me back shortly to inform me that had approved the replacement. She informed me that there were several items that would be required to be installed to meet code compliance that I would be responsible for paying. This was contrary to what the tech and told me. I asked what those items were. She told me the company stated I needed a thermal expansion tank, (already installed) a pressure relief valve ( already installed), and my drip pan needed to be replaced due to rusting. ( it’s made of aluminum, which does not rust). I called another plumbing for a free estimate who informed me that the water heater was indeed cracked and needed replacing, however; everything else is in compliance. The thermal expansion tank is present and doesn’t need replacing, the pressure relief valve is in proper working order, and the drip pan is in fact made of aluminum and cannot and has not rusted. In reviewing other BBB complaints I see that I’m not the first to have these or similar complaints with this company. I don’t want anything from this company. I will not use them or recommend them to anyone. This is a repeat of the same type of upselling from previous complaints and they supposedly took action and terminated a technician in the past for this same type of practice. I sincerely doubt it. American Home Shield told me I had to use this plumber or they would send me cash-in-lew of their service. Supposedly the same amount they would have paid the plumber. we’ll see.

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