Ashkan Ghavami, MD

Ashkan Ghavami, MD

Unfortunately, Dr Ghavami is a disgracful plastic surgeon, a sociopathic liar who is very defensive when I questioned my result. | I came to him after my girlfriend went to him for his “S-curve” butt lift and hi “flash “recovery boob job…Well “F that” to this butcher of the botchers. Her butt became infected with pus coming out of her incisions. She needed IV antibiotics and he had to remove necrotic soft tissue every other day for at least a month…she is still deformed to this day. | But I still went to him because I heard he did this celebrity and marketed like crazy on social media. I should’ve known but I didnt listen to my gut and the warning signs. He was pompous, arrogant and barely spent anytime with me during the consult. He made me feel inferior and was not patient at all with my questions. After a hurried generic computer image and a hard sell, I went against my better judgement and signed up. MY DUMB FAULT. I wish I listened to Dr kanadia or dr Diamond when I first started this “journey” when I asked them about dr gavami and they advised me to think strongly about getting my rhinoplasty before I go to him. | My rhinoplasty was a disaster. I knew it the day the cast came off. It was crooked and as thick as a sausage. He kept on stringing me along for months telling me it was just swelling. After 6 months it then started to buckle in the middle of the bridge. Dr Ghavami brushed me off and Icould barely contain my panic. Another surgeon confirmed my fears in NewYork and eventually I ended up getting a revision rhinoplasty to reconstruct my nose with rib graft in Florida at considerable extra expense. | I should have listened to myself. Don’t believe Dr Ghavami’s marketing. After my horrible experience, I now look back on how I was suckered by the marketing. I can’t believe I couldn’t see how cheesy and obvious it was. My Florida surgeon was so more classy. When I told him my story with Dr ghavami, he just noded his head and said he has seen some of his patients. Iasked him for more juicy details but he declined to say anything more. He let his results speak for themselves.

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