Ashland Ford Chrysler

Ashland Ford Chrysler

Ashland Ford Chrysler Vehicle scrapyard worthy after 18,000 miles Ashland Wisconsin!!. I bought my first vehicle with the money I was awarded by the insurance company after being hit by truck driven by a person texting when walking to school. The vehicle was advertised in a local paper by a Ford dealership. I test drove the vehicle asking questions about the inspection process and had a concern about the loud noise in the back of the vehicle, like a whirling sound. I ask the salesman and he just chuckled and said it was the new tires. After telling them I needed a little time, they pressure me into taking the vehicle that day. After driving the vehicle for 500 miles, the differential broke. I argued a few days with the dealership and they finally told me they’ll give me $200 towards the almost $900 repair, a steep amount for a college student. Found out that the wheel bearing was also broken during the repair. After replacing total exhaust, front and back brakes, battery, more wheel bearings and the broken shock mounts ($1200), my vehicle died on the highway, the transmission completely died ($1600 used) and the rings in the engine were worn out and oil was coming out the tailpipe. From purchase to it’s death, I put 18,000 miles on it. Ford company did not want to do anything! So now I have a piece of undriveable garbage in the driveway and have to return to college that is 5 hours away in the fall. I been a honor student for 8 years and no tickets or accidents. There is no justice in the world. Never will I trust a ford, ford dalership or ford salesman for the rest of my life! Ford = Garbage!

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