Ashway Used Cars Inc.

Ashway Used Cars Inc.

Ashway Used Cars Inc. Ashway over priced me for a vehicle and they did not apply my down payment to my purchase. Brooklyn, New York!!. I first purchased a 2006 Nissan Murano for 10,000. I left a deposit of $3500 and I took out a loan with West Lake Financial. Two days after my purchase the car gave me problems. I took it back to Ashway Used Cars. They took the car to a mechanic 2 blocks away who told me after driving the vehicle it had Transmission problems and not to keep the car. I then asked for a refund, then I was shown a 2005 Toyota Camry xle in decent condition for 9,500. (which I feel I was over priced for-not my initial was missing a fog light, a few tiny cracks in the window, a few rust marks and the car alarm does not work) Ashway used cars took my 3,500 and did not apply it to my loan of 9,500 then charged me 13,500 for loan/contract. I left a deposit of $3500 which should have been deducted from 9,500 plus fee and taxes. Now I am stuck with a loan of 9,969.42 which should have been around 6,469.42. I contacted Ashway and was told they do not know what they applied the 3,500 to and was hung up on. I asked to speak with the owner and was told he was not available for 2 months. I want a refund.

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