Asian American Community Involvemnt

Asian American Community Involvemnt

Yesterday, October 7, 2017, Santa Clara County supervisor Dave Cortese was given the Gordon N. Chan Community Leadership Honoree recognicion at Asian Americans for Community Involvement’s Better Together Gala Event. Dave Cortese is a dishonest supervisor. He only supports and promotes causes the community is paying attention as a way to gain people’s support and admiration. About a year ago, a woman victim of domestic violence reached out to him by walking in to his office and talking to his communication manager Janice Rombeck. The reporting party shared with the manager how she was victim of domestic violence by ther ex husband a former San Jose Police Department officer and at the time a Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy. | The reporting party indicated how the Gilroy police officers responding to the domestic violence calls failed to write reports that represented her reporting. | She reported this situation to the former Gilroy mayor who announced he was resigning less than two months after official reporting of incidents to the Gilroy Mayor’s office. The reporting party also stated how the Office of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s also contributed to the cover up of this depudy by writing a good stading letter for officer to present at the family court event when there was an ongoing investigation against this deputy for child porn allegations. The reporting party asked David Cortese to investigates the Sheriff’s office. She was told they would call her back, but they never did. The same was true for former Gilroy mayor Don Gage. He resigned without his office giving a call back. Others involve in this corruption are Lori Penn from Morgan Hill and Commissioner Irwin Joseph. | A family has endured significant fiancial, physical, and emotional harm due to this corruption. The minor child even experienced suicidal ideation due to the harm cause by the deputy’s sexual behavior and Gilroy Police cover up. Deputy also has experienced other other mental conditions addiction to porn including child porn, obsessive eating, spending, hoarding, and drinking at some point. The former wife of deputy asked the Gilroy Police to remove the arms and ammunition from the home due to the deputy’s mental state and level of violence. The Girloy Police official stated they did not want to be involved in their family legal dispute. | Both of the children experienced significant weight gain, irritability, sleep disturbances, and were failing many courses after previously being being 4.0 students recognized as American Brightest Children by John Hopkins University and already attending summer classes and UC Berkeley for future doctors. Currently, both children are still experiencing emotional stress and some depression. Deputy has an addiction for collecting weapons and ammunition as well. | Currently, the Gilroy Police Department is facing a law suit related to outrageous sexual behavior in and outside the job. This explains them ignoring other law enforcement officers sexual misconduct and potential crimes. To this point, it is unknown the results of the child porn investigation and if deputy is still employed by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. This situation was also communicated to Cindy Chaves via emails she was sending to protome a women’s eguality event. Cindy stopped sending emails after the reporting. The Santa Clara County and Bay Area is the home of the most powerful and corrupted governmental and judicial officials. They work and promote causes that would help them gain community support and recognition while ignoring those they believe n oone knows about. DAVE CORTESE YOU ARE A SCAM!

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